Pressure Vessels & Air Receivers

Pressure Vessels & Air Receivers :

All Vessels, storing and receiving Steam, Gases ,Air or liquids at pressures above the atmospheric pressures can be termed as Pressure Vessels. These equipment are generally identified by Services/ Functions rendered by them-such as Receivers , Separators Converters etc. and their capacities are measured in volume units - M3 /Liters/ Gallons

Design and fabrication Pressure Vessels are designed and Fabricated as per

ASME-Sect VIII Div I/IS-2825/BS-5500 codes.

Other Carbon Black Plant - Specific Fabricated Equipment Manufactured by POLYQUIP

  • Agglomerator , Surge Tank , Dense Tank , with Paddle Mixer
  • Quench Tower , Cyclones
  • Scalper Screens / Classifiers
  • Binder Charge Tank , Molasses Tank , Spillage Recovery
  • Reactor Shells
  • Storage Tanks & Silos