Storage Tanks & Vessels

Liquids & Gaseous products used as raw materials ,semi-finished , finished products, bye-products ,fuels etc. required to be conserved & maintained in large stocks to ensure continuity of operations are generally done so in large size vessels, known as Storage vessels or Tanks. Depending on the size of the vessel & Transportation logistics, these units are either completely fabricated in the workshop or are manufactured at the site of the process plant. Capacities are defined in terms of Volumes viz. M3 ,Litres, KL, Gallons.

45 M3 SS316L Catholyte Storage Tank
Inspection-Technimont ICB

TYPICAL CONFIGURATIONS/ Storage vessels & Tanks

Depending upon the nature of the fluid- volatile ,non volatile, liquids or gas the fluid may be stored In following types of storage vessels, all of which, except the Horton Spheres, are manufactured by us.

  • CYLINDRICAL Tanks (To store liquids with slight pressures)           -Vertical with Dished Ends (D.E..)/Flat Ends.
           -Vertical with Flat Bottom + Fixed Conical Roof(FCR)
           -Vertical with Flat Bottom + Floating Roof Type
           -Horizontal with Flat or Dished end
         -Ladders with Platform , Railings.
  • RECTANGULAR Tanks --- With Flat ends all over & stiffners.( To store Liquids without any internal Pressures)
  • SPHERICAL Tanks (Horton Spheres )---<Not in our Product range presently.> (To store Gases & Volatile Liquids upto 10 Kg/ cm2 pressure)
40M3-CS, FCR,Methanol Storage Tank, as per API-650 Client-HPCL-(DHDS Projects)
Inspection-Bureau Veritas

Design & Fabrication

Design & Fabrication of storage tanks & vessels is carried out as per relevant codes & practice such as ASME, API 650, IS 803 , Roark & Young methods.

Design & Dimensional parameters achieved for Storage Tanks
  • Max. Volume - Cylindrical, Horizontal Tank (DE) - 50KL (Shop Fabricated )
  • Max. Volume Cylindrical, Vertical Tank(FCR) - 55KL (Shop Fabricated)
  • Max. Volume Cylindrical, Vertical Tank(FCR) --- 100KL ( Site Fabricated )
  • Max . Diameter ------------------------------5000 mm
  • Max . Height ---------------------------------6000 mm
55 M3-SS304, Alcohol Storage Tank
Inspection-Humphreys & Glasgow Ltd.

Materials of Construction

1M3-SS304 Vessel
Inspection-Bureau Veritas

  • Stainless Steel - SS 304, L, SS316,L
  • Carbon Steel - IS 2062
  • Carbon Steel Clad with SS
  • Aluminium
50 M3-CS Clad with SS, Methyl Chloride Tank
Inspection-Pipecon Consultants

Salient Information / Storage Tanks, Vessels

More than 100 storage tanks & vessels have been fabricated and supplied to Clients all over India. Major ones are :
HPCL, Mardia Chemicals, Gharda, Kothari Sugars, Alkyl Amines, Glaxo, Bayer, United Phosphorus, Dujodwala Products, Indofil Chemicals, Indo-Gulf Fertilisers, Niraj Petrochemicals, Sandoz etc.

20M3-SS316L DEHA Product Tank

Major Orders
  • 40 KL, Methanol Storage Tank for HPCL (DHDS Project) through HYUNDAI Engg. Co. Ltd.
  • 55 KL, SS 304, Alcohol Storage Tank for Kothari Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.
  • 100 KL, C.S.Naptha Storage Tank for Indo-Gulf Fertilizers & Chemical Ltd.
  • 25 KL, -2 Nos. SS 316 L Acetic Acid Storage Tanks for Dujodwala Products Ltd.
  • 50 KL & 25 KL -CS clad with SS, Methyl Chloride Tank, Acetone Tank, for Glaxo (I) Ltd.
  • 45 KL, SS 316 L, Catholyte Tank for Mardia Chemicals Ltd.

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