Rotary Valves are used to regulate the flow of material mainly in Dry Powder or Granular particles from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition.

The Rotary Airlock is used as a Feeding device, “Rotary Feeders” (Finding application in Mills , Pneumatic Conveying System & Mixers ) Or as a Discharge Equipment ( Used with Bag Filters , Silos & Cyclones )

Rotary Airlocks valve (RAV’s) are designed & manufactured by us in size ranges from 4” to 42“ ,with Circular Or Square Inlets/Outlets . All our RAV’s are precision fabricated machines for close tolerances and minimal eccentricities.

For smaller sizes RAV’s valves can be supplied with Casing in castings.

Application In Carbon Black Industries: RAV’s manufactured by us have found application in Dust filtration field -on Bag Filter, Cyclone application & also for pneumatic conveying line in Carbon Black..