Reactors / Autoclaves/Agitated/ Vessels


Vessels equipped with Agitator system are called REACTION VESSELS, AGITATOR VESSELS or simply REACTORS. Operations such as Mixing, Blending, Dissolutions, Chemical reactions, at moderate Pressures &Temperatures under controlled conditions are carried out in these equipment..If the Agitator vessel is designed to withstand High Pressures & Temperatures, during the reaction process , it is called AUTOCLAVE. Besides agitation the vessel may require heating and /or cooling of its contents, which is achieved by internal coils, external jacket or limpet coils.The capacities of Reactors are defined in Volumes, viz. M3 ,KL, Gallons etc.
3KL SS Limpetted Reactor

Design & Fabrication

For a Reactor ,design & fabrication of the VESSEL part is carried out as per codes viz.-ASME, IS,BS, AD. Merkblatter or Good Engg. Practice.

AGITATORS & relevant components are designed & selected while keeping in mind the process intended i.e. continuous stirring, liquid - liquid extraction, dissolution etc. & by referring to procedures laid down in Engineering Equipment Users Association (EEAU) handbook.

SS Reactor mfgd. in 1979

Design & Dimensional Parameters achieved for Reactors / Agitators
Max. Volume-10 KL
Max. Pressure-50 Kg/cm2
Max. Dia./Reactor-2500mm
Max. Height/Reactor-4000mm
Max. Shaft Dia.-120mm
Max. Shaft length-4000mm
Max. Agitator RPM-200
10KL, SS316, Reactor with CS Jacket
Inspection-Chempro Inspection
120mm Dia, 4000mm Lg SS316L Turbine Agitator

Material Of Constructions Handled
  • Stainless Steel -
    SS 304, L, SS316, L
  • Carbon Steel -IS 2062, BQ-SA515/6 Gr. 60/70
  • M.S. Lead lined , M.S. Rubber lined
  • Agitators in SS, CS/ EN 8, Hastealloy’ C


3KL MS Rubber Lined Reactor
Inspection- Chempro Inspn
Lead Bonding of Dish End for 9KL MSLB Reactor


Reaction vessels with

  • Jackets/ Limpets
  • Internal Coils/Spargers
  • Girth Flanges
  • Internal Baffles
  • Open Lid/Closed type
  • Dip pipe/ Thermowell

Agitator system with

  • Shaft/ Impellers
  • Drive arrgmt.- Motors, Gearboxes, Speed Variators
  • Shaft sealing- Gland packings, Mechanical seals
  • Bearing housings
  • Couplings- flexible/ rigid
  • Pulleys/Belts
  • Bottom support bearings
  • Lantern Stools, etc.
100Ltrs., 45Kgs/cm2- D.Pr., SS316L, Pilot Plant AUTOCLAVE with details of Motor,Speed Variator,Mechanical Seal
Inspection-Joshi & Asso.
Spilt Jacket 3KL SS-Reactor
SS 316L Double Coil

Typical Reactors / Agitator Vessels manufactured by us

Mixing / Blending Vessels

Extraction Vessels/ Leaching Vessels

Fermentors/ Homogenisers

Hydrogenation Autoclaves

Dissolution / Washing

Batch Distillation Units

Inspection-Sareshsh Inspections.


Agitators / Impellers

Agitator components consists of shaft ,impeller. The impeller is made up of the blades which are attached to the hubs by bolting or welding & these are fitted on to the shaft. Each impeller has its own unique application & characteristics. While selecting the impeller type, due consideration is given to the vessel geometry, impeller geometry and properties of the contents being agitated as its viscosity, density and phases present as also the application intended, whether suspension or dispersion of solid phases, gas dispersion, emulsion of immiscible liquids, blending of miscible liquids or fluid motion for energy transfer.
Correct determination of Shaft diameter/size, Motor ratings, proper selection of Speed reduction/variation equipment, Shaft sealing arrangement, Bearings baffle arrangement etc are some of the important factors that are taken into consideration, while designing an optimum agitator system.

Typical Impellers Mfgd. by us: TURBINE /ANCHOR GATE /PADDLE /PROPELLOR
Pitched blade type TURBINE impeller

Straight blades attached to disc TURBINE impeller


Salient Information / Reactors, Autoclaves
150 Ltrs.30 Kg/Cm2 D.Pr., SS316, AUTOCLAVE
Inspection-Chempro Inspection
Over 70 Nos. of Reactors ,Autoclaves & Agitators have been supplied to Clients in Process industries such as:

Chemical / AgroChemicals- Alkyl Amines, Gharda, Navartis, United Phosphorus, Rallis, Asian Paints, Atul Products, Sriman Petro, Jaydee Agro, Sumex etc.

Bulk Drugs/ Pharma-- Glaxo, Bayer, Hoechst, Sandoz NPdrugs Armour Chemicals, Suneeta Lab, Otomotive Products, etc.

AUTOCLAVES- BASF, Alkyl Amines, Bombay Dyeing, Armour etc.

Major Orders executed
  • Rs. 31.74 Lacs, 45Kg/ cm2 D. Pr, 4KL , SS316L Hydrogenation Autoclave for Alkyl Amines
  • Rs. 2.45 Lacs, 50 Kg/ cm2 D.Pr., 100ltrs,SS316L Pilot Plant Autoclave for BASF(I) Ltd.
  • Rs. 17.25 Lacs, 4KL, 10 Kg/cm2 SS316L, DMAPN Reactor for Alkyl Amines Chem. Ltd.
  • Rs. 10.0 Lacs, 5KL, M.S. , 5 Nos. Batch Distillation Reactor for Sriman Petrochemicals.
  • Rs. 8.0 Lacs, 10 KL, M.S. Lead bonded, Wash vessel Reactor for United Phosphorus.

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