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Chemical Engineering involves the application of the sciences to process industries which are primarily concerned with the conversion of one material into another by chemical and physical means. In addition to the selection of the right process -the Design and Engineering of the equipment, used in it, plays an important role in determining and achieving the economics of installing a process plant and its operation.

Industrial processes require handling, storage and unit operations being performed on variable quantities of material in liquid, gaseous or solid states. Depending upon the existing state of the material, its physical /chemical properties and operations to be performed, equipment of varied construction in the form of containers or ‘vessels’ are used. Thus the ‘vessel’ is the basic part of a process equipment .Most process equipment may be considered to be vessels with specific modification, enabling the units to perform certain required functions. For example:

Unfired Pressure Vessels: 'Vessels' carrying, storing or receiving steam, gases or liquids at pressures above the atmospheric. These vessels have to be designed and manufactured as per applicable engineering

Heat Exchangers: 'Vessel' containing a suitable provision for the transfer of heat through tube walls; Evaporators - 'vessel' containing a heat exchanger in combination with a vapor-disengaging space.

Reactors/Autoclave: 'Vessels' equipped with agitation system and heating / cooling sources.

Distillation or Absorption column : Tall 'vessels' containing a series of vapor-liquid contactors

Storage Tanks: 'Vessels' where large quantities of fluids are generally stored at atmospheric pressures.


POLYQUIP FABRICATION INDUSTRIES can design & shop- fabricate equipment typical to chemical process industries as shown above. Along with its group companies & other engg. associates, viz.-

PACEMAN PROJECT CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD.-Detailed Engineering, Equipment Specification, Procurement and Inspection of Bought out items, Proprietary items, Project Management and Liasoning services.

PORWAL ENTERPRISES. – Plant Construction, Site Fabrication, Erection and commissioning services.

KALAYOJAN.- Industrial Architectural and Structural Engineering services.

We can execute Lump Sum Turnkey Project for Pilot Plants & small to medium scale plants upto Rs.50 millions.