Pressure Vessels

All Vessels, Pipe line and the like , that are carrying , storing and receiving Steam, gases or liquids at pressures above the atmospheric pressures can be termed as Pressure Vessels. These equipment are generally identified by Services/ Functions rendered by them-such as Receivers , Seperators Converters etc. and their capacities are measured in volume units - M3 /Liters/ Gallons

Design and fabrication
Pressure Vessels are designed and Fabricated as per ASME-Sect VIII Div I/IS-2825/BS5500 codes.

Design & Dimensional Parameters Achieved for Pr. Vessels
Pressure Range Full vacuum to 50 kg/cm2 g.
Radiography 100%
Maximum Thickness Shell :36 mm, Dish :45 mm
Maximum Volume 15000 Ltrs.
Maximum Weight 20 Tonnes
Maximum Diameter 3000 mm
10 m3 , SA515Gr60,12mm thk ,
D.Pr-10 Kg/cm2 details of Top Flange, Manhole with davit, Lug Supports
Inspection : Technimont -ICB Ltd.

45 mm Thk. Dished End

36 mmThk Shell

Pressure Vessel Configurations

Pressure Vessel with

  • Welded Dished Ends
  • Conical Ends
  • Girth Flanges
  • Limpets
  • Jackets

6KL, Limpetted Vessel
4KL Jacketted Vessel

Material Of Constructions Handled
Stainless Steel-SS304/L,SS316/L/Ti,SS310
Carbon Steel-Boiler Quality , SA515/516Gr 60/70               Low Alloy Steels

Typical Pressure Vessels

13 M3, Converter, SA516Gr70, 20mm thk, with SS316L internals,
D.Pr.25 Kg/cm2 -F.V.
100% radiography
Inspection :ICB Limited



  • Hydrogenators
  • Converters
  • Seperators
  • Air, N2, Co2 Receivers
  • Flash Drums
  • Knockout Drums.

6 M3,SS.316 L, Pressure Vessel, 8mm thk
D.Pr. 10Kg/cm2
Inspection :Chempro Inspn.P.Ltd

Salient Information/ Pressure Vessels
Major Clients : Deepak Fertilizers, Alkyl Amines, Orissa synthetics, Triafine Chem, BASF, Gharda Chemicals, Mardia, United Phosphorous Ispat Industries,Bayer, Indofil
Major Orders : Single order - Rs33.12 lacs,7Nos. SS304 Pr.Vessels for Triafine Chem Ltd.
Single Equipment -Rs31.74 lacs Hydrogenerator for Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.
6 m3, Portable vessel on wheels
with inert Gas Bottles & Piping
Inspection : Chemtex Engg. (I) Ltd.
Over 100 Pressure Vessels Supplied & in operation

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