Pelletiser – Pin Mixer

Pelletiser is a high-speed mixer that is used to convert fine powders into small spherical agglomerates or Pellets by adding liquid binding agents . Materials that can be agglomerated in the Pin Mixer include: Foods, Chemicals , Flyash, Carbon black, Cement kiln dust, Pigments, Minerals, limestone fines & many more . Binders such as water, molasses, oils etc are generally used.

Construction feature : Carbon Black Pelletizers or Pinmixers are so called , as the Mixer Rotor is made of a central rotating shaft , to which extending metal rods or pins are radially fixed in a helix pattern & this rotor is assembled horizontally in a stationery casing.. There is a close uniform tolerance between the tips of the pins and the inside of the casing & hence the casing is usually machined from inside . Pelletizer Design can be offered with external Jackets foor heating or cooling the content inside as per process requirement, to ensure densified & continous micro-pellets & minimum powder.

Working principle: The high speed Rotor of the Pelletizer intermixes the dry powder feed with atomizing spray of water and / or a liquid binder mixture and coats individual powder particles with the binder, that pelletizes the particles into spherical granules or pellets. The powder enters at one end of the Shell , feeded at a fixed rate( by a screw or rotary feeder ) dropped through a top hopper or opening at one end and is whipped by the pins as it moves from the inlet to the bottom outlet at other end, . The Pelletizer speed can be varied from 100 to 750 RPM., using High HP Motors. The gap between the Rotating Rotor and casing can also be varied from 3mm to 6mm. Accordingly the pellets size dia will be determined. Powder Particle size , Chemistry & parameters such as Temperature Density/Moisture need to be synchronized to achive desired pellets.

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