Heat Exchanger


Heat Exchangers or Heat Transfer Equipment are devices that are common to most of the process industries and are used for transferring heat between two streams of fluids (liquid, Gas /Vapour, steam, air etc) through a seperating wall.
Widely used Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers or Condensers , Spiral coil type , Finned type , Plate type are some of the commonly used Heat Transfer Equipment in Process industries.

13 M2, SS316, U-Tube HE
Inspection-ICB Ltd.
These equipment are generally identified by the services /function rendered by them - such as Condensers, Super heaters, Coolers, Reboilers etc and their capacities are measured in terms of Heat Transfer Area (HTA) in m2 or ft2 of the surface transferring the heat between the two Fluids.
10 M2,SS316, Shell & Tube HE
Inspection-Industrial Inspn. Bureau


Design Competence

13M2, Cu-Ni Tubes, Monel Clad, Floating Head HE. for HPCL (N-Hexane proj.)
Inspection-Tata Consulting Engrs.


With Polyquip Fabrication industries,20 years experience, in fabrication field and Heat Exchangers in particular it is been possible for us to create optimum thermal as well as mechanical designs of heat Exchangers, thereby enabling us to offer cost effective designs for specfic design, as per process requirement.
Design calculations for Heat Exchangers have been accepted by inspection Agency and consultants, not only for pressure parts but also for nozzle local loading , tube bundle vibration expansion bellow calculations etc.

Our design engineers can tackle the complicated technical problems in line with current codes and standards such as TEMA, ASME, BS,DIN,IS etc. Computer Aided Design & Drawing (CADD) Facilities with latest engg. Software and Hardware support are available for equipment design & detailed Fabrication drawings.

Design & Dimensional Parameters Achieved for heat Exchanger
Max. Heat Transfer Area 345 m2
Max. Tube Sheet Thickness 85 mm
Max. No. of Passes 12
Pressure Range F.V. to 1200 psi
Max. Tube O.D. 42 mm
Max. Tube Length 6000 mm
Max. No. of Tubes 720
Max.Weight 15 Tonnes
200M2, Condenser with Exp. Bellow, 42.4 mm O.D.,6 Mtrs. Lg,-264 Nos. SA214 Tubes
Inspection-Technimont ICB Ltd.

Heat Exchanger Configuration & Types
  • Shell & Tube Type
    -Straight tube /U-tube Bundle
    -Fixed Tube Sheet, Floating head
    -With Expansion bellows
    -Single Pass/ Multi Pass

    Condenser, Heaters , Reboilers, Evaparotors etc.

  • Spiral Coil Type
    Sample Coolers, Oil Coolers etc

  • Finned Coolers
    - Longitudinal,Helical Fins,Wire Wound Fins
    Air Coolers etc

  • Thrombone Coolers
  • Double Pipe Heat Exchangers
Finned Cooler
Spiral Coil-Sample Coolers
Thrombone Cooler
HE. with Expansion Bellow

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