Custom Built Fabrication

Besides Standard Process Equipment ,as discussed in preceding pages(products),we can undertake Designing Fabrication job as per Client’s Specifications & Drawings. We have successfully carried out many-a- Custom Built Fabrication assignments in equipment categories such as - Solids Mixing , Material Handling, Separation Units, Pollution Control, Large size Piping Components, Non ferrous Metal items etc. and have fabricated Equipment & Machineries –that have very specific use in Man-made fibre, CarbonBlack, Cement & Steel Industries


Items Manufactured by us

Solids Mixing Equipment
Process Units

Double Cone Blenders
Ribbon Mixers ,Crystallisers
We can also design & manufacture Process Units viz.:Rotary Vacuum Dryer, Agitated Nutsche Filter

Ribbon Blender
Material Handling Equipment

Silos,Hoppers ,Chutes,
Screw Conveyors,
Carton Conveyors,

SS Hoppers-4KL

SS Silos
Filters, Separation Equipment
Pollution Control Equipment

Nutsche Filters, Spiral Filters, Air Prefilters
Activated Carbon, Sand, Pressure Filters,
Cyclone Separators,

Purge Gas Filter
Equipment for Carbon Black

Purge Gas (Bag) Filter
3 way 24" / 26" Vent Valves,
Air lock Valves, Damper Valves,
Scalper Screen

3 Way Vent Valves
Equipment for Man Made Fibre
(POY, PFY, PSF mfg.) Industry

Staple Fibre Conveying system
Tow Plaiters,
Tow Relaxers,
Tow Cans,
Fibre select dampers etc.

Carton Conveyor

Tow Relaxer
Equipment for Cement Industry

Dip Tubes for Preheater Cyclones 2600 (SS304),
Parts for Kiln/Spirlax Burners (SS 310)

Piping items, Non Ferrous items
Other Miscellaneous Items

Reformer Tubes ( SS 310) for Steel Industry.
Acid Spargers (Alloy 20),
Acid Mixing Tee (Hastealloy ‘C’),
SS Ductings, Miter Bends,
SS-Bubble Cap (2300 mm),
Sample Pots,
Plate Valves,Sample Coolers

SS 316Ti-Sample Pots

Alloy - 20 Mixing Tee
2400 O SS-304L Bubble Cap
SS310 Reformer Pipes

Clients for whom major orders executed in above categories

  • Double Cone Blender (2.5 KL, SS304)---Searle (I) ltd
  • Silos-Gharda, Bayer
  • Hoppers-IDL Salzbau, Asian Paints, Novartis, Indo Rama Synth.
  • Ductings /Chutes-PunjabAlkalies, MysorePetro, HiTechCarbon
  • Crystallisers- Jaydee Agrochemicals Ltd.
  • Nutsche Filter-Sandoz , Armour
  • Screw Conveyors-Polyolefins (I)Ltd
  • Carton Conveyor- India Polyfibre
  • Screw Feeders-Corn Products (I)Ltd
  • Spiral Filters-Gharda Chemicals
  • Scalper Screens-Alexandria Carbon (Egypt)
  • Purge gas Filter-HiTechCarbon
  • Vent Valves-24",26" O-13Nos.-HiTech Carbon
  • AirPrefilters-J.K.Pharma .Ltd.
  • Rotary Valve-Bayer, PIL
  • Butterfly Valves--Gharda, Herdillia
  • For Clients in MAN MADE FIBRE,CEMENT & STEEL industry click here

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