Distillation Columns /Towers


Distillation or fractionation columns are equipment containing a series of Vapour-liquid contactors, where separation of two or more components of a mixture having definite vapour pressures is achieved. The columns also known as Towers is essentially a tall vertical cylindrical vessel, with number of nozzles.

1100 Ø, 26 Mtrs. Long, 65 Tray-100% Radiographed, D.Pr.-27 Kg/cm2, 16-22Thk. Shell, 18Tons Wt., SS304L-Distillation Column
Inspection-Joshi Associates

The internals of column may consist of a series of plate or trays, or a variety of metallic , ceramic or polymer packings along with other internals such as liquid distributors , demisters etc..

The aim of the column design is to bring about intimate contact between vapour and liquid, while at the same time keeping both streams flowing evenly in opposite directions.

Design & Fabrication

1100 Ø, 26 Mtrs. Long Column assembled at our works.

Design and Fabrication of columns is carried out as per ASME codes and following parameters are considered while determining shell thickness at different heights for tall towers.

  • Circumferential and axial stresses due to internal pressure or vacuum.
  • Compressive stresses due to dead loads such as the column weight, its contents, attached equipt., piping, instrumentation insulations etc.
  • Stresses due to Wind loads, Seismic forces & due to eccentricity arising out of irregular load distribution

900 Ø, 26Mtrs.Long,65 Tray-100% Radiographed, D.Pr.-27 Kg/Cm2 SA515 Gr. 70-Distillation Column
Inspection-Quest Inspection

Design & Dimensional Parameters Achieved for Columns/Tall Towers
  • Diameter 150mm to 1300 mm (Max)
  • Pressure-Full Vacuum to 27 kg/cm2(Max)
  • Max. height- 26 mts.(Single Piece)
  • Max. thickness 22mm
  • Radiography-100% for 26 mtr lg.column.

Materials Of Constructions Handled

Detail of 900 Ø,65 Nos.(MS) Tray support rings & bolting bars
  • Stainless Steel----- SS 304, L, SS316, L
  • Alloy Steel ----------SA387 Gr.12,
  • Carbon Steel--------BQ-SA515/6 Gr.60/70
  • M.S.Rubber Lined.


Typical Columns/Tall Towers manufactured by us

1200 Ø,D.Pr.-26Kg/Cm2, SA515 Gr.70 (with SS internals), Converter
Inspection-ICB Ltd.
  • Distillation / Fractionation Columns
  • Packed columns, Absorption Columns
  • Converters, Pre-reactors
  • Scrubbers


Column Internals
Various components known as internals, located inside a column, are designed to create an intimate contact between the vapour and the liquid, while at the same time keeping both streams flowing evenly in opposite directions. According to the mode of contact between vapour and liquid, columns can be classified as:


Equilibrium Column

Differential Column (Packed Columns)
Here mass transfer between
phases takes place in stages
on a series of plates or trays
or in the vicinity of either.
Here mass transfer takes place
when liquid flows downwards over
the surface of the packing in the
form of thin films, while the vapour rises.


Internals manufactured/supplied by us
  • Tray Support Rings
  • Liquid Distributor (Weir/Spiral type)
  • Downcomers,Weirs
  • Liquid Re-distributors/Wall wipers
  • Bolting Bars
  • Packing support/hold down/Grid plates
  • Sleves/Demisters

Internals such as Trays, Bubble Caps and Packings are not manufactured by us and are out-sourced or procured directly by the client.


Liquid Distributor



750 Ø,20 Mtrs. Long,45 Tray-100% Radiography, D.Pr.-27 Kg/Cm2 SS304L Distillation Column
Inspection-Quest Inspections
About 40 Nos. of columns/tall towers/scrubbers have been supplied to clients in process industries. Majority of these (8Nos.) have been supplied for the Amines plants of Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd. to whom we have supplied columns/converters all with High Pressures (upto 27 kg/cm2) & various sizes (500mm dia. to 1100mm dia., upto 26 mtrs long).


Clients in process industries for whom Columns /Towers have been manufactured & supplied by us are

Alkyl Amines, United Phosphorus, Roussel Pharmaceuticals, Glaxo, Asian Paints, Gharda, Rallis, Gujarat Insecticides, Dujodwala Industries, Cibatul, Sumex, Ortho Esters, Jaydee Agrochemicals.


Major Orders executed
  • Rs.22.25 Lacs, 27kg/cm2 1100mm dia., 26mtrs lg. ,SS304L Distillation column for Alkyl Amines
  • Rs.7.00 Lacs, 27kg/Cm2 , 900mm dia., 26mtrs lg. ,SA515 Gr.70 Dist. column for Alkyl Amines
  • Rs.13.00 Lacs, 27kg/cm2 750mm dia., 24mtrs lg. ,SS304L Distillation column for Alkyl Amines
  • Rs.5.3 Lacs, 10kg/cm2 500mm dia., 8mtrs lg. ,SS316L column for United Phosphorus Ltd.
  • Rs.2.6 Lacs, 9 Nos. M.S.Rubber lined scrubber for Roussel Pharmaceuticals (I) Ltd.

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