Bag Filters

In Process Industries the separation of Particulates from Gas streams is carried out using Variety of Separation equipment or collectors such as – Bag Filters, Bag Houses, Scrubbers, Pneumatic Conveying System, Electrostatic Precipitators etc. These equipment find application in

Steel & Ferro Alloy Industry, Carbon Black Industry, Cement Industry, Power Plant & Utility Boilers etc.


INDUSTRIES have versatile experience, well equipped production workshop, and Infrastructure for manufacturing & Supplying Bag Filters .

For Carbon Black Industry, we have been Executing Bag Filters Systems (Manufacturing Including installation and commissioning ) for Major Grass Root Projects and Expansions in India, under Design, Engineering and Technical Support of M/s. Filter Media/ MikroPul France

  • Filter Bag Cages in either MS/GI/SS-304/SS-316
  • Tube sheets (Cell Plate, Spool Pieces) – CS/ SS , With welded Thimbles
  • Venturies – Twist Lock / with Lugs ---Cast iron, SS, CS Construction
  • Blow Tubes Assembly consisting of Air Header, Isolation Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Solenoid Valves, Flexible Hose, Purging Tubes, Hammer Couplings etc.

Following system and products

  • Jet Pulse Online /Offline type Bag Filters ( MBF, PGF, EBF)
  • Reverse Air type bag house
  • Dust Collectors for Silo applications
  • Stand alone Dust Collectors (High Volume Inlet / Low Emissions )
  • Bin Vent Filters
  • Clean up Bag Filter (CUBF) /Packing Bag Filter ( PBF)
  • Portable Skid Mounted Bag filter for Air Pre Heater Cleaning
  • Smart Parts & Accessories for Pulse Jet Bag Filter & for Reverse Air Bag House :